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Find, Ask, Share, Trust


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ConocoPhillips is the world’s largest independent exploration & production company based on production and proved reserves. Headquartered in Houston, Texas, ConocoPhillips has operations and activities in 30 countries, $58 billion in annual revenue, $117 billion of total assets and approximately 16,900 employees as of Dec. 31, 2012.

From 2004 to the present, Knowledge Sharing has documented hundreds of millions of dollars in estimated cash flow for the company. Unlike most organizations, ConocoPhillips leverages its enterprise?wide Knowledge Sharing team to build consistent processes and technology enablers that allow networks across the different business units to share common issues and content.

What can Knowledge Hubs learn from ConocoPhillips? ConocoPhillips has addressed one of the most critical issues organizations and networks struggle with: Establishing a culture of knowledge sharing where employees have strong incentives to actively capture and share experiences for the benefit of the organization. Using a holistic approach to embed a knowledge sharing culture throughout the organization, ConocoPhillips has come up with a model based on the critical pillars “find – share – ask – trust”. This means not only connecting people worldwide on a just-in –time manner, but also establishing the trust currency that is so vital in sharing knowledge and experience. One of the crucial elements to implement and promote the new culture is to get full leadership support.  Nowadays knowledge work at ConocoPhillips is not an added extra, but fully embedded within its core operations.



Dan Ranta is the Director of Knowledge Sharing for ConocoPhillips, and is accountable for the strategic implementation of knowledge sharing for the company. Key activities include cultural change though rewards and recognition, developing and maturing global knowledge networks, creating deep business integration with knowledge sharing systems, and improving the technology and processes that enable knowledge sharing. Dan Ranta manages knowledge-based operations that have produced $100s of millions in savings for ConocoPhillips since 2004..

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